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Food of Plant Origin

Recombinant allergens for food of plant origin.

ALG10057 Recombinant Peanut allergen Ara h 2
ALG10067 Recombinant Soybean allergen Gly m 3
ALG10051 Recombinant Soybean allergen Gly m 4
ALG10058 Recombinant Apple allergen Mal d 1
ALG10059 Recombinant Celery allergen Api g 1
ALG10061 Recombinant Orange allergen Cit s 2
ALG10062 Recombinant Peach allergen Pru p 1
ALG10074 Recombinant Green bean allergen Pha v 3
ALG10075 Recombinant Banana allergen Mus xp 1
ALG10076 Recombinant Pear allergen Pyr c 1
ALG10077 Recombinant Strawberry allergen Fra a 1
ALG10085 Recombinant Carrot allergen Dau c 1
ALG10086 Recombinant Apricot allergen Pru ar 1

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